Privacy Policy

The Pledging Tree Foundation (TPTF) is committed to assuring the privacy of individuals and/or families who have applied or have been enrolled into our program. We assure you that all information shared both orally and in writing will be managed within ethical considerations. The following privacy practices detail circumstances in which we will use your information:

1. We screen each and every applicant very carefully to ascertain the selection of only those individuals who demonstrate the sincerity and willingness to change their situation. Your personal information, such as your social security number, address, legal resident status, employment, pay stub, tax returns will be used to check your background and evaluate the enrollment selection criteria. During this process, we restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those officers of TPTF who need to know that information. We maintain safeguards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

2. We provide one-on-one financial counseling to enrolled individual/families (referred as client). Information such as total debt information, income, living expenses and other personal information concerning your financial circumstances will be used by our third party financial counseling partners and, possibly others in order to help you based on your situation.

3. We may also use aggregated case file information for the purpose of evaluating our service performance, gathering valuable research information, and designing future programs. Your anonymity will be maintained through the use of your client number or by using aggregate data in all circumstances. We will take your prior authorization if you would like to participate in promotional videos, contents at TPTF’s website and newsletters.


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