Matching/Savings Program

TPTF’s matching savings program is designed so that families can realize the power of disciplined savings in their lives. During the 12 month program, they can watch their money grow and root their financial future securely for themselves and their family.

Families enrolled in our program open a new savings account with a bank of their choice. Each month, the enrolled family deposits any amount in their savings account and earns saving points equal to the amount saved, up to 100 points per month. Each saving point is worth 1 dollar and families can earn up to 1,200 saving points by the end of the 12-month enrollment period. At the end of enrollment period (twelve months), TPTF matches funds equal to the saving points earned by the enrolled family. The family can then use the money for their desired savings goal.


“By adopting a disciplined savings approach, I have secured a better financial future for myself and my family.”