“Our efforts and successes have been the product of collaborations and partnerships.”

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Community Patnership Program

At the heart of our partnership is the belief that facilitating positive change, while engaging other local agencies, businesses and individuals, will lead to long-term measurable outcomes. Our partnership initiatives are centered around the notion of using ideas and resources in new ways to strengthen communities and the families living there. We have partnered with local major non-profits such as United Way of Chester County, Friends Association, Bridge of Hope, Home of the Sparrow, Chester County Department of Community Development, Financial Planning Association of Philadelphia, Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) to utilize all the resources available in order to maximize the benefits. We believe that person by person, family by family, and community by community, we can create something long lasting; something of great value. All of us have a role to play; the job is simply too big for any single individual or a non-profit alone.

Our Community Partnership is about building relationships and partner-ship with local businesses, non-profits and individuals to facilitate positive change; it is about designing new ways to use resources to help families in need; it is about addressing financial distress issues in a holistic manner; and it is about committed team and community volunteers who combine imagination, vision, creativity and hard work to build strong communities.

Under this program, The Pledging Tree Foundation and Friends Association signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to help homeless families improve their financial literacy by learning and practicing sound money management skills. Nova Adams, Friends Association’s Homeless Prevention Program Manager, refers all families accepted in their program to TPTF where they are required to attend the financial literacy workshops and classes held on a quarterly basis. Their enrollment and attendance qualify them for the matching savings program, provided they meet TPTF’s application criteria and requirements and as funding is available.  “We are excited to have this partnership with Friends Association. Friends Association mission aligns with ours and by working together, we are going to make meaningful difference in their clients’ lives” said Prerna Singh, President and CEO, The Pledging Tree Foundation.


To help ensure that the program has a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the savings habits of enrolled families, families are required to attendquarterly one-on-one financial counseling sessions with a certified financial planner (CFP) to help and guide them throughout the entire 12-month period.

Financial education workshops are also held quarterly and are open to members of the community, along with enrolled families.

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