About Us,

The Pledging Tree Foundation (TPTF)

is a Delaware state incorporated non-profit, sponsor and donor supported foundation that strives to bring a positive change in financially challenged communities around Philadelphia suburb.

The foundation is tax-exempted under section 501 (c) (3) by the IRS. TPTF is an approved agency to receive donor designated funds through United Way of Chester County, United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and United Way of Delaware. TPTF is also a partner in the Financial Stability Partnership Initiative at the United Way of Chester County.

The Pledging Tree Foundation was founded in 2007 by Prerna Singh, a graduate of Downingtown High School (West). It started with an aim to cultivate a disciplined savings approach among financially challenged families in local communities. TPTF pledges to help those who are pledging to help themselves by saving for their better future.

News Bulletin


The Pledging Tree Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote disciplined savings in financially challenged families.

For any family, the principle of disciplined saving is essential to a secure financial future. For financially challenged families, this principle takes on an even greater importance. For these families, we believe that the power of disciplined saving will remain unrealized unless and until a systematic savings approach is adopted.

We strongly believe that, although our monetary aid to these families may not seem significant in terms of dollar value, the concept of disciplined saving itself is of great value.

To bring a long lasting impact on these families, The Pledging Tree Foundation aims to educate families about improving and maintaining financial well-being through training and workshops. Highly qualified financial advisors and representatives from financial institutions will conduct quarterly workshops on topics ranging from saving for the future to recovering from credit card debt and much more. These workshops will only be held for families enrolled into the program. Attendance is mandatory for at least 3 out of 4 workshops conducted in a year.

Program Objective,

The Foundation’s main objective is to aid families financially by promoting saving for the future. We realize that, although the monetary help may not seem substantial in terms of its amount, it nevertheless plays a vital role in cultivating the seeds for future disciplined savings

In today’s world, the average American family saves less than 1% of their income, significantly less than the rate of savings during the 1950s and 1960s. It is critically important for families to save for their future. The Foundation was conceived to encourage low-income families to save more.

The Foundation is funded by generous companies to support struggling families who have lower incomes than the average household.

The Foundation encourages families to open a specific type of account (i.e., 529 Plan, investment account, or savings account) in order to save for a certain goal, whether it is college, retirement, or any other long-term goal. The Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar the funds contributed by the enrolled families, as per the Guidelines.